"PRO-LIFE KIDS! Coloring & Activity Book" by Bethany and Ryan Bomberger

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Introducing the new PROLIFE KIDS! Coloring and Activity Book! It's a great companion piece to our original PRO-LIFE KIDS! book. There are 48 (perforated) pages of adorable images to color, great activities (crossword, word search, cryptogram, and more), a PRO-LIFE KIDS! pledge and Bible verses that illuminate our God-given worth. Each book comes with a pack of stickers and crayons! Created by Bethany and Ryan Bomberger, this PRO-LIFE KIDS! Coloring and Activity Book is a great tool to teach a pro-life worldview to children in homeschool, Sunday School or in any setting.

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PRO-LIFE KIDS! © Bethany Bomberger. Illustrated by Ed Koehler.