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Bulk orders greatly reduce the price for NOT EQUAL (normally a $25 per book donation), starting at $19 per book. These are great for academic purposes, pregnancy care center banquet donor gifts, church or advocacy group events on adoption, abortion, family, civil rights or other social justice issues. 

"NOT EQUAL: Civil Rights Gone Wrong" is Ryan Bomberger's first book and powerfully details how the civil rights movement has been hijacked. Over the years, Ryan's articles have been shared hundreds of thousands of times. This book is a journey through some of his most powerful published articles and creative graphic memes about the fundamental Right to Life, abortion, adoption, Planned Parenthood, fatherlessness, #BlackLivesMatter, free speech, LGBT and judicial activism, and the ludicrous War on Common Sense. It's educational, revelational, and his hope is that it is transformational. His citizen journalism has even gotten him sued by the nation's once-great "civil rights" organization. Ryan and Radiance Foundation (the nonprofit organization he co-founded with his wife, Bethany), prevailed, in a stunning unanimous federal court victory. "Not Equal" is a tragic, yet hopeful, message that we can defeat those who have perverted justice and equality with truth and passionate persistence. 


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PLEASE NOTE: These shipments are for orders within the United States only. Any international orders must contact The Radiance Foundation at info@radiance.life.

Here is a preview of "NOT EQUAL: CIVIL RIGHTS GONE WRONG":